Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Packing Up and the Final Day

It's time to head for home, but first the packing begins...
All month we have wondered where things are supposed to go. It's the blessing and reality of having too many things. We will have to assess how many were actually necessary after we get home. But even in the midst of packing we always have one faithful photographer or another. So, we share our messes and our family with you.

Can I be in the pet parade?

Watching aerial exercises going on all around us

All this needs to go where?

Anyone with sunglasses gets in this picture

Let's go up and watch the airplanes

View from top

Free ice cream

One vendor asked the children to please come in her booth and touch whatever they wanted!

A walk back to the trailer

An entrant in the pet parade

Another cute dog

This one loved the children

All the pet parade entrants

A group pic

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