Tuesday, January 31, 2012

After the Breakdown...

Yesterday was another adventure and we are so thankful the Lord is watching out for us and we can trust Him for all the circumstances. Dave's RV was checked out in the morning. We believed it to be fixed and the mechanics wanted a mini-concert after they finished! That was a first. A concert in an auto shop. As we continued down the road we discovered that "it" was not fixed or something new or old had started causing a problem. Dave lost power along the way, but if he trudged to a gas station to get filled up again, it added new spark. For all those mechanics out there, I know I am explaining it poorly. :) He had to pull off near Boulder because it had died again, but a bit more gas (even though he had plenty in the tank) helped us on our way to Kingman. Along the way, our van started making some "different" noises, so we are on the lookout for today's adventures. A dear brother prayed our tires would last like the Israelite's shoes in the desert. We are praying specifically for engines today!
For anyone who thought we were hanging out at the pool...(although Hannah was warm enough she wanted her coat off for the picture!)

A rock home made out of lava?

Leah and Greg walking into Deardon Auto Repair

The rest of the crew walking into our "concert"

Just a couple songs while they were on break

Some beautiful views, but from out of a windshield

The first red rocks

We're in Arizona!

God is mighty!

Leah busy with a workbook

The faithful at home watching over things :)

Monday, January 30, 2012


We just got a phone call from Mr. Krell. The mechanics are still not sure what the problem is; please pray for the problem to get fixed quickly!
Dad thinks there may be a problem with the alternator, but things are still unsure. 

Second traveling day

Yesterday was our second traveling day, and eventful.We started out after 9, after securing everything in the trailer, and re-packing the cars with the things we would need.
Bekah carried some of the water bottles out to the cars.
Mr. Krell posed "with" his motorhome for Dani's camera.
Greg has enjoyed (as far as I can tell) getting back into photography. This trip has inspired him to do more, I think.
Daddy, concentrating on pulling the trailer. What a great man!

Becky, looking at a new book.

We passed some interesting buildings while going through Salt Lake.
While at a gas station, we decided to stop for lunch. Mr. Krell drove most of our family down in his motorhome to the place we ate our lunch.
On the road again!

We saw several hang-gliders, even though only one is pictured. :)

After filling up the cars one last time before stopping in St. George for the evening, Mr. Krell couldn't start his motorhome. So the guys went out and tried to fix it.
We ended up calling a tow truck to haul it away to get looked at. We're still waiting for news as to what's going on. We're praying that the mechanics have the right parts for his older vehicle.
So, for now, we're staying in Fillmore, Utah. Thank you all for your prayers!

Blessings to you all!
The Hahners

Our first day

We left yesterday at 9:30 to begin our trek down to Arizona! Dad pulled the trailer, and mom drove the van. We have enjoyed the scenery, and have been intrigued with the little towns we've gone through.
Our first adventure was seeing a sheriff at our pine tree right as we were heading out, which is extremely unusual. :)

The windmills... the sky... the road... the trailer... makes a great picture. :)

Leah, enjoying the ride. She was a great traveler.
We thoroughly enjoyed driving through little towns. This particular one had a beautiful courthouse.
And strangely, we saw a pet camel amongst a few miniature horses. How funny!
Leah, enjoying lunch
Fixing the antenna from hitting the trailer with duct tape. :)

Truck stop

We've passed some amazing scenery...
The camera wouldn't capture the pink of this sunset.
Almost there!

We've had absolutely beautiful traveling weather, and there were no problems the first day. What a blessing!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Prayer Requests

We have a list of requests for those that are taking this trip with us in prayer. Whatever the Lord puts on your heart, please pray that first! But here are the things we are thinking on and going to be praying for in the weeks ahead.  The Lord bless you!
  1. God would be glorified in our lives and our music
  2. Travelling mercies and good roads to travel on
  3. Greg's ear healed entirely
  4. Preparing hearts of the people before we come and opportunities to talk to those that are really needing prayer
  5. Words to say  that give honor to God to those that we speak to instead of just “thank you”; being able to engage with the people
  6. Jesus to be magnified in song; that He would be obvious in each place we go
  7. Family unity and growing in our relationships with each other
  8. Good daily quiet times
  9. The Lord would speak to us the things He wants us to learn and do
  10. Protection and blessing on my sister and brother-in-law at home while they take care of things here
  11. For Shredder, our dog!  That he will stay out of trouble. :)

Playing for Church & our Practice Time

We played for our Households of Prayer family on Sunday morning. What a blessing brothers and sisters in Christ are! We have a very supportive group praying us on our way to Arizona.

Sunday afternoon we did a run-through of our 2 hour program at the Latah Community Center.

"That's good, Emily"

Am I smiling enough?

Let's not do that in the real program, ok?

Lots of notes on the floor...

Does that sound, ok, Dad?

I can't wait to get there...I'm cold.

Go, Dave!

Time for a piano duet
It's coming together...

And here's our audience!! The best!