Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On The Road

What an interesting two days of travel! We left sunny, warm Tucson yesterday morning and reached Cedar City, Utah last night. We sensed that things were not going entirely smoothly with the motorhome, but we continued on. It was a long trek, but the children were delightfully distracted by other children as we traveled with some friends for the day. We caught the first glimpse of snow on our travels north and awoke to see a beautiful snowy mountain outside the RV campground this morning.

After about two hours of travel today, we lost sight of Dave. Things had stopped working (get more specifics from the guys if you want to know), so we waited along the road. After a while, a policeman checked on us (exciting for Sam), but no sign of Dave. Shortly he sped past us with momentum from the mountain road, just hoping to get to a service station. In Cove Fort, the mechanic said he couldn't help. Thank the Lord, Dave was able to go on.

Guess where "on" was? Back to Fillmore thirty miles up the road and the mechanic shop that we visited (and played for) on the way down. It was like meeting old friends. We sadly left Dave and his motorhome in Fillmore for repairs. The young children were upset by the whole event; not seeing Mr. K. all the way home. He may have been relieved for a day or two of quiet!

Then the wind began...we made it through Salt Lake City without even noticing it was 4 in the afternoon. But then we hit the storm. The wind was so rough and the snow coming so hard that we couldn't see very well in front of us. It just became too dangerous to keep going. So, we found the nearest exit and are waiting in Tremonton, Utah for the storm to abate. The Lord provided a hotel right away and a Denny's with "kids eat free on Tuesdays" right next door.

We trust the Lord for His reasons and His timing and are thankful to be in a warm room tonight instead of the trailer. I'm sure many pictures will follow.

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  1. I am praying for y'all, as you make your journey home! I am so sorry to hear that Mr. Krell's motorhome is acting up again! :\ I will be praying that the mechanics can get it fixed really soon. And may the LORD ease the storms, so that y'all can safely continue on your way!

    I thank you so much for the many exciting updates that you have provided for us during your long trip. It has been so wonderful to keep up with what the LORD has been doing through your ministry! Keep up the good work for Him!

    May He bless you beyond all measure! I love you all!
    In Him,
    Martha Joy
    Proverbs 3:5,6