Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Blessings at Lazy Days

The reason for our extended stay in Arizona was really not the weather (although that doesn't bother us). We were given the opportunity to play two more times at Lazy Days RV. We have been shown great hospitality and warmth here. One of the many special blessings was a free breakfast for eleven. It was delicious and some especially enjoyed it! After breakfast we made our way to the event center which is an incredible building with exciting, but new acoustics. It was an adventure to play for our audience. Leah, who has sung every time we have asked her to, was a little too awed by the size of the room. She wanted to sing and then decided, no...not a good idea. We look forward to playing again next Sunday for the Country Coach International group that is coming to Lazy Days for their rally.
Walking to the breakfast room

Everyone find a seat


Saved for us?

Dani and Emily

The donuts are good

Mom and Leah

Singing at Lazy Days

The other side of the room

The owner, Mr. Proud

Mission View RV

This is our 3rd visit to Mission View RV. We have met some wonderful people at the park...many who are excited to hear God's Word in song. We were reunited with some friends we had met previously and sorry to see that some we had met in the past were missing this year. We did have the blessing of the McCloud's visiting. (sweetwaterministriesinc.org) We met them at South Forty and just when we needed some encouragement, God put them in our path.
Leah talking to new friends

Singing for Mission View

You're a Grand Old Flag

Dave's famous nose flute

Don & Joy McCloud

Some old friends

Monday, February 27, 2012

Lazy Days and Val Vista

We were welcomed to a wonderful park the other day...Lazy Days RV in Tucson. They have got wonderful, generous and hospitable people working here. It is great to come to a really clean park. The kids started on their favorite activity...looking at rocks. There are a lot of those in RV parks and each one is a special one made by God. Has anyone seen the Long, Long Trailer? I wouldn't wholeheartedly recommend it, but it has some funny parts. Especially when Lucille Ball packs in all the rocks from the favorite places she has visited. It reminds me a lot of my children. They want to take every rock home. There are also some beautiful orange and grapefruit trees on the property. After settling in Tucson, we made a trip to Casa Grande for a concert at Val Vista RV. It was a wonderful evening. Rebekah was the biggest ham! She was yawning and yawning every time she got up to do her part of the program. That made the crowd laugh pretty hard. I'm sure she was tired, but with a little encouragement and the bright lights on stage...the yawns became more and more frequent. She was also pleased to find a couple that wanted to hear about all her kitties and other animals at home. The Lord blessed us by sending back some new old friends. Hannah's cheerleaders returned to hear her (and us) at Val Vista. It was a great evening and we pray many seeds were planted.

Sorry to our Washington Family and Friends

I'm sorry to throw in these pictures, especially for our family and friends at home enduring some really nasty weather. What could we do, though, with a pool right in front of us and little children asking for a dip? 

South Forty RV

Our night at South Forty last Tuesday. Good food...great people...fun concert and an awesome God we serve!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


We will be playing at Lazy Days RV in the morning at 10 and then traveling 3 1/2 hours north to Dewey to a wonderful church called Mountain View Baptist. We are looking forward to the day, appreciate your prayers, and plan to update you more on Monday!

~The Hahners

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Waiting for Daddy in the truck

Doing a sticker book together

One more birthday celebration. Happy birthday Grandma!

Silverbell Baptist

We had the blessing of playing for Silverbell Baptist on Sunday morning. I hate to keep repeating myself, but each place the Lord has brought us has been a special opportunity of growing in character, having joy in sharing God's gifts, meeting blessed brothers or sisters in Christ or just throwing out seeds. God has been working in so many ways. So, for those tired of seeing us in our outfits in the same old spots looking like we are singing the same old songs...it is much the same, but so different in each venue. God is good all the time!