CD Recordings

$15 for one/$25 for two (plus shipping if necessary)

Songs include:
1. Are You Washed/Power in the Blood
2. He's Holding Onto Me
3. Jesus Help Me to Stand
4. Just a Little Talk
5. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
6. Behold the Lamb
7. There is a City
8. Down in the River to Pray
9. Old Camp Meeting Time
10. There is a Reason

$15 (+$2.99 if shipping)

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At Evening:
1. Maggie/Redwing
2. I'll Fly Away
3. Beaumont Rag
4. Will There Be Any Stars
5. Sarabande in G Minor
6. Palm of Your Hand
7. Minor Swing
8. Draggin' the Bow
9. Don't Walk Away
10. Lover's Waltz

$15 (plus $2.99 if shipping)

Use "Contact Us" tab to order.

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