“We truly enjoyed the Hahner Family show - a very talented family presenting a variety of music, both vocal and instrumental, that everyone will love."    Steve & Joyce of "The Palmer Family Band"

“Three part harmony with violins and voices, accompanied by keyboard and lead guitar will entertain you royally! These amazing young musicians, ages 7 to 18, come from one family and do it all. Bluegrass, Gospel and Classical are in their repertoire, each genre’ executed flawlessly. Individual personalities come through as they produce beautiful music together.”     Marie A Buckner, Retired Drama & Music Teacher

“The Hahners are a gifted musical family. Their joy in singing & playing their instruments for the glory of God is fresh, appealing & very inspiring. Their concert blessed us!”   Virginia & Bill Hoeft, Voyager Resort, Tucson

“We were thrilled and impressed to listen to the talented Hahner Family last month. We heard them both at the Voyager Chapel on a Sunday morning in Tucson and in our home one evening when they entertained a small group of our friends with their music. They are a beautiful example of a great Christian family enjoying and sharing their music with others in a warm and loving way. We highly recommend them to you.” Dr. & Mrs. Joe F. Pedersen, musicians

“I would like to compliment these young kids on their musical ability. I have seen them perform and they have done a professional job with a variety of different types of music. The girls do very well on the three fiddles with three part harmony in great Texas style. Greg excels on both guitar and piano and is an effective leader. The girls sing good harmony with interesting arrangements and their professional look adds to the excellent music they create.” Bob Nible, Professional bass & guitar player for 65 years.

“We were impressed with the Hahner family’s performance as the talent of these young people is amazing. Their rendition of the hymns we older people grew up with is truly inspirational.”   Dick & Marlene Tyner, Minneapolis Minnesota

“I have played with the Hahner family and listened to their performances many times.  Their musicianship is exceptional, their triple fiddle harmonies incredible, their vocal harmonies extraordinary and the championship flat picking awesome.  You must hear them.”  Dave Krell, musician, Washington  

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