Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'll Fly Away - Vocal Harmonies and Instrumental

An informal practice...


Jesse Polka by the Hahners

Here's another sample of the kids' music...

Jesse Polka


Maggie and Red Wing via YouTube

Here's one of the practices at home...

Pictures of the Family

Here's a picture of the band plus their biggest fans at a recent recital. Not doing bluegrass or fiddle here, but a good family picture.

A picture of our triple fiddlers...

Greg during a random practice; our flat-picking champion!

The Hahner Family Band

The Hahners, a family of 10, live in the beautiful Palouse hills of eastern Washington on a family farm. Dad is a pharmacist and Mom stays at home. The house is full of noise and frequently beautiful music, too. God has blessed our young ones with talent and we want to use it to honor Him.

Music has been a large part of life since the oldest started fiddle at age 5. From there, Greg, age 18, started playing piano, guitar, upright bass and is working on the banjo. He was named flat-picking champion for the Northwest Regionals for 2009.

The older girls, Danielle (16), Amanda (15), and Emily (13) have all played piano from a young age followed by the rigors of classical violin. The last few years they have been making harmonies together on their triple fiddles. Their voices blend in a variety of gospel songs that will please the ear.

Hannah is our youngest fiddler at 7 and she will join the group from time to time to help in singing and entertaining.

The rest of the family is along for support and the joy of traveling as a family. Dad (Bryan) is the RV driver, map reader and biggest fan. Mom (Moira) will join in singing, adding background on piano and keeping laundry clean. The twins, Sam and Rebekah (5) are great at smiling and greeting and Leah (2) will please anyone who is missing their grandkids back home.

Along the road we will be playing lots of old-time fiddle tunes, bluegrass and gospel music. We enjoy playing for community events, retirement centers, and churches. To contact us, call Moira at (509)523-5126 or (509)979-1663 or email at We hope to meet you along the way.